How is COVID-19 impacting residents economically?

Let policymakers and community leaders know by completing this survey

There’s a lot at stake. According to the US Census, half of Florida has experienced a loss in employment income since the start of the pandemic. But what’s the situation locally in Brevard County, and is relief getting to the people that need it?

Through my foundation Steadytown, I’ve created a survey to measure the impacts COVID-19 is having on the residents of Brevard County, Florida. My goal is to provide community leaders with another source of insight to help support relief efforts.

If you are a Brevard County resident, take the survey:

Take the Survey

One survey per household. For every survey completed, $1 will be donated to Mutual Aid groups in Brevard County helping people during the pandemic. Results will be published starting next week. Additional rounds will be conducted during COVID-19 to measure the changing situation. Share with your Brevard friends!